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  • Address: No. 4, Xingfa Road, Qixing Neighborhood Committee, Xingtan Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
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  • Core values: Customer-oriented, innovative and progressive
  • Enterprise spirit: unity, integrity, innovation and pragmatism
  • Corporate tenet: To meet customer needs
  • Management concept: Take market demand as the objective, operation management as the core, balance production and reduce cost as the basis, and ensure the quality of technology.
  • Management Philosophy: Manage the microscopic view, and the details will determine success or failure.
  • Working philosophy: When a small matter is out of date, a major event lasts a long time, creating first-rate products and creating first-class services.
  • Safety Philosophy: Safety is the foundation of life, safety is saving, and safety is life.
  • Distribution Philosophy: Focus on Benefit, Synchronize Contribution and Income.
  • Talent concept: The size of the contribution to the enterprise is the main criterion for measuring the talent of the enterprise.
  • Our service slogan: "integrity, pragmatism, and win-win", customer satisfaction is our pursuit!